GIT ignore globally a file

You might have files in multiple project (which are version controled) with the same name, or you use to create some general files.
Those you might sometimes accidently add them to the repo, so in order to avoid this do the follwoing:
– open a terminal and check which is your .gitignore global file “git config –get core.excludesfile”
– that will return something like this “~/.gitignore”
— IF nothing returned than do this >> “git config –global core.excludesfile ‘~/.gitignore'” for linux enviroment, and for Windows cmd >> git config –global core.excludesfile “%USERPROFILE%\.gitignore” — or create “~/.config/git/ignore”

– than using an editor modify the file “vim ~/.gitignore”
– file might look something like this

# Mac OS X

– at the end add your files like “*test.php” -> will ignore test.php from any git repo

PhpStorm Magento2 urn resolve

I managed to do a fix for the urn (xsi element from xml files in Magento2) and this is important to forward.

XML Schema Resolution in PHP Storm with URNs (Quick Note)

As seen in the upper blog post the problem of unrecognised urn by PHPSTORM

So, accordingly to the latest updated as mentioned “a new CLI command ‘dev:urn-catalog:generate’. (Okay, you can see Eugene pointed it out in comments below!) You should probably save your current .idea/misc.xml file, but I just ran the following command from my project root directory”

Fix urn unrecognised by PhpStorm
bin/magento dev:urn-catalog:generate .idea/misc.xml

Now if you look inside your project folder in .idea/misc.xml – it should be populated, if not check permissions.